Welcome to Custom Dart Cabinets. I have been building high quality dart cabinets since 2005 and I can build you a custom dart cabinet or custom dart backboard that you won't find in any store. Please take a look at the work I've completed for customers and I think you will agree that you won't find cabinets or backboards like these anywhere else. If you have been searching for a custom dart cabinet or backboard, you've come to the right place!

A cabinet or backboard from me will be built of solid wood which is hand selected. There are no other sources that I've found that will make you a customized item with the attention to detail and of the same quality that I offer you. A few key items to consider when deciding whether to purchase a dart cabinet from me:
  • Hand-built cabinets made from solid wood. No particle board or MDF! Cabinet backs are 1/2” plywood, not 1/8” or 1/4”
  • Larger than cabinets you normally find. Interior measurements for dart board mounting are 23-1/4" by 23-1/4". There is a shelf and storage ( 23-1/4" by 3" ) area below that. More customized sizing options are available to meet your needs.
  • Custom engraving not available elsewhere on a handmade dart cabinet or backboard.
  • Finishes are applied by hand.
  • Hang your custom dart cabinet on a sturdy "french" cleat. This distributes the full weight of the cabinet evenly and means you don't have to drive screws through your cabinet. You will be given instructions for hanging your cabinet, along with measurements for the cleat system so your bulls-eye is at the proper height.
  • Plenty of options available such as: LED light strips, BLUM® cabinet hinges, custom cabinet design and more!
  • A software rendering of your engraving will be sent to you for approval.
  • Plus you can watch the process as I regularly update my Shop Blog right from my phone when I'm out in the shop.

If you are ready to inquire about a custom-made piece for your dart room, please head over to my
contact page, so I can contact you back with some pricing information.

For the most up-to-date information on projects I am working on, or that I have recently shipped, visit my
Shop Blog. The blog is updated on a regular basis and contains pictures of items that are on my workbench. It's a great way to see the way I work. *** This link will take you to an older blog hosted with Google but all my current updates are hosted on a Facebook page. Feel free to click on this older link to view projects from that time period. ***

Here are some recently shipped projects -
Custom Dart Cabinet PineCustom Dart Cabinet oak cabinet

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I value your business and I will strive to ensure you are satisfied with pieces I build for you. I have been working as a finish carpenter / woodworker since 1995 and the cabinets and backboards that I build are far superior to the quality of what you will order from a dart shop or online supplier. Those items are built with the bottom line being the most important concern. Most of them are built overseas by cheap labor sources that don't care if they fall apart after a year of use. Here at CustomDartCabinets.com, the pieces I build will last you a lifetime of dart throwing. I build every item like it is going to be hung on my wall.