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Key Features of a CDC Project

Relief carving on oak dart cabinet which was handpainted.
No Vinyl Stickers Here!

Our cabinets feature carved, handpainted designs.  This method costs more but the end result is a truly unique item you can be proud of owning.  CDC makes display quality cabinets that become a focal point of your gameroom. 

Carved and hand painted relief carving on the interior of dart cabinet
We only use high quality materials
Hand-picked hardwood for the doors, BLUM 170 degree cabinet hinges, 3/4" cabinet-grade plywood boxes, 1/2" luan plywood backs, aluminum french cleat system for hanging the cabinet, heavy craft felt backing. 
A unique relief carving which also features antlers that extend off the doors.
Custom Work, not cookie cutter designs

If you have an idea for something different, you need someone that can think outside the box. Custom shapes, sizes and layouts are what we are all about.  Sure, we have standard specs most people are happy with but don't think that's where it all ends.  If you have an idea, we do our best to see it through!

Other Key Features Include:

Only solid wood products are used to construct a cabinet​

Cabinets are large and allow for 2-1/2" space between board and cabinet edges

Design proofs provided before work begins

Updates along the way so you can see your project taking shape

Options inlude: LED lights installed, Decorative routed borders, raised door edges

Shipped FULLY INSURED and protected so your custom item arrives safely

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